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College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus

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College credit opportunities are available to students at no cost, offered at the Greene County Career Center. Students may also participate in College Credit Plus (CCP) Options at the home district, online, or at any participating institution of higher education.

When students sign up for courses at the Career Center, they can register for college credit in these courses. For additional college- credit courses, students may review course catalogues of other institutions of higher education at that institution’s website, at the home district, or in the counseling office at the Greene County Career Center.

Students registered for Greene County Career Center classes that are offered for college credit will be assigned a Career Center counselor and a college counselor to assist them in the college process.

Students graduating with college credits from Greene County Career Center and wishing to continue college are eligible to receive a non-competitive $3000 scholarship to attend Sinclair Community College post-graduation. Other scholarship opportunities are available at other colleges and universities. Please see a Career Center counselor for more information.  

After graduating from high school, students can use CCP credits to continue education at an Ohio college to complete a certificate or degree program.

By taking Career center classes for college credit, students can
  • Earn high school and college credit for the classes
  • Save money by investing in college credits early
  • Have the option to complete college classes within the familiar setting of the Career Center
  • Get a head start by earning college credits that can be used to finish a degree at Sinclair or transfer to another Ohio college or university
  • Gain early exposure to college coursework, rigor, and expectations

Student Eligibility Requirements for College Credit Plus: awarding of college credit

  • Student must be enrolled in a Greene County Career Center career pathway
  • Student must have a score on a college entrance test/ exam (SAT, ACT, Accuplacer)
  • Student must pass the Career Center course (the grade earned will appear on the high school and the college transcript)
  • Student must complete all college/ university required forms
  • Student must participate in a college counseling session prior to enrollment (to be scheduled at a later time)

Students interested in earning college credits must meet all eligibility requirements.
Deadline to register for college credit is April 1 and will be done when scheduling high school classes.

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