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Superintendent's Message

Message from David Deskins Superintendent, Greene County Career Center

David Deskins Superintendent
The students, staff, and parents that visit or attend the Greene County Career Center speak to the excellence and dedication our programs have offered the local communities throughout the county for more than fifty (50) years. Our staff is prepared to assist each student by teaching them valuable lessons that will benefit them both personally and professionally. Our academic and technical teachers take great pride in enriching the lives of their students to ensure they make progress toward their occupational, academic, and personal goals that extend beyond their high school years. I’m constantly impressed by the opportunities that are presented to our students in their short time at the career center. Learning takes on a whole new meaning when students are fully engaged.  From college credits to industry certifications, they have the experience and the skill set to excel in their future endeavors, whether that includes additional education or jumping right into their professional career upon graduation. Our students prove that career and technical education is an important asset not only for incoming students that want to hone in on their passions early on but for our local communities that have identified a need for a new generation of skilled workers.

The students that attend the career center represent our schools and communities with professionalism and a unique set of skills that can’t be matched. As the superintendent of the Greene County Career Center, I have had the pleasure of witnessing firsthand, the excellence that our students have achieved, and those skills transfer remarkably into the local workforce. I have observed these learning experiences for students and am impressed with how they prepare our students to be competitive in their chosen careers, and it’s an honor to find myself in a position where I can witness this daily. The impressive GCCC facility provides students with access to equipment and resources that many professionals may not see for years to come. The Greene County Career Center has served as an occupational pillar in the local workforce since 1967 and we will continue to strive for greatness for years to come.

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David Deskins
Susan DeLong
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

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