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    Upcoming Events

    October 18 - Field Trip to Cincinnati Zoo overnight trip for plant tissue culturing and behind the scenes night hike.  Make sure that your emergency medical form has been turned in the the school to be able to participate.

    November  - Junior Biotechnology Orientation
    at Sinclair Community College

    Instructor's Name: Molly Wavra
    Satellite Location: Xenia High School
    Email Address: mwavra@greeneccc.com
    Phone number: 937-372-6983 ext 9943
    Years of Career Experience: 3
    B.S., Bowling Green State University, Dietetics
    M.S.,  Miami University, Biochemistry
    Biotechnology, High School Biology, Chemistry, and General Science
    Awards/Points of Interest
    2010 BioOhio Panelist for ODE Educational/Economic Summit
    STEM Fellow

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Last Modified on September 3, 2012