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    Name:    Kimberly Torrence, MT, CHT, MEd. 
    Email:     ktorrence@greeneccc.com    Kim
    Phone:   (937)372-6941  x157
    Room:    223
    Supervisor:  Matt Lindley
    Supervisor Ext.:  103
    Years of Career Experience:  22
    M.Ed., Summa Cum Laude, Wright State University
    B.S., Medical Technology, Wright State University
    Life Sciences, Chemistry
    Medical Technologist, America Society of Clinical Pathology
    Histocompatability TechnologistAmerican Society of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics
    School of Crime Scene Technology Graduate, SIRCHIE
    Fingerprint Laboratories Graduate, SIRCHIE
    Educator of Distinction, National Society for High School Scholars
    Howard L. Post Excellence in Education Award Recipient, 2012
    Howard L. Post Excellence in Education Award Recipient, 2013
    Presidential Academic Fitness Award

    Ms. Torrence's Schedule                                       Image
    8:00   - 8:46       Forensic Science
    8:50   - 9:31       Forensic Science
    9:35   - 10:16     Anatomy
    10:20 - 11:06     Anatomy
    11:10 - 11:56     LUNCH
    12:00 - 12:41     Biology II
    12:45 - 1:26       PLANNING
    1:30   - 2:11       Cosmetology Science
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