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    Welcome to International Business & Finance

    Name: JoAnne Hodgson
    Email Address: jhodgson@greeneccc.com
    Phone number: 937-426-6637 Ext: 154

    In the 21st century, almost everything you do– work, school, home, leisure and business – is impacted by the global economy.


    The International Business and Finance program at Greene County Career Center will give you an understanding of basic business and marketing concepts with an emphasis on global market. The finance portion of this course will provide students with learning experiences that encourage smart economic decision-making skills in personal finance. Students will also develop their computer application and communication skills that will allow students to become more effective in today’s fast growing, high-tech business office environment. This program is ideal for students interested in business management, communications, marketing, entrepreneurship,  and finance.


    High School Junior Year:  2.5      Senior Year: 2.5

    Potential College Semester Hour Credit

    ·        Sinclair Community College (9.0)


    ·        Communication skills

    ·        Economic concepts

    ·        Computer applications

    ·        Marketing research

    ·        Promotion

    ·        Business law, ethics and legal issues

    ·        Business management and entrepreneurship

    ·        Foundation of international business

    ·        International trade environment

    ·        Professional development and careers



    ·        Business Management

    ·        Advertising

    ·        Marketing

    ·        Professional Sales

    ·        Entrepreneur

    ·        International Trading




    Years at Greene County
    Career Center: 
    M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from Phoenix University, BS in Education in Comprehensive Business with Vocational Certification from Wright State University.
    Points of Interest:

    BPA Advisor



    Association for Career and
    Technical Education (ACTE)

    Industry Experience:
    5 years as a tax support administrator with Arthur Andersen LLP; 5 years as a sales manager for a local jeweler.
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