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    Name: Gail Landis-Cotterman
    Email Address: gcotterman@greeneccc.com
    Phone number: 937-372-6941 x130

    My schedule is as follows:
    1st    (8 - 8:46)         Algebra 2
    2nd   (8:50-9:31)      Plan
    3rd    (9:35-10:16)    Algebra 2
    4th    (10:20-11;06)   Lunch
    5th    (11:10-11:56)   Algebra 2
    6th    (12:00-12:41)   Algebra 2
    7th    (12:45-1:26)     Algebra 2
    8th    (1:30-2:11)       Integrated 3
    Alg 2
    This course builds on the concepts learned in Alg 1 and Geometry.  (A grade of C or better in both of these is highly recommended to enroll in Alg 2).  Concepts covered include solving systems of equations with 2 or 3 variebles, linear, quadratic, and log functions and graphing.  Graphing calculators are used frequently.
    Int 3
    This course is designed for students who need to upgrade their skills in Algebra and Geometry.  It will incorporate concepts from Algebra 1 and Geometry, and some statistics.  It will also involve problem-solving applications in the areas of simple and compound interest, measurement, ratios and proportions, perimeter, area, and volume.
    In addition to class work, the Alg 2 and Int 3 courses include computer problems through Carnegie Learning that enhance the course of study through guided practice and tutorials.  The Alg 2 and Integrated 3 students are in the math lab to work on these problems 2 days a week (thurs. and friday).
    These problems are a part of the curriculum and completion of this work is a part of their grade.  If these days are missed during the week it is highly recommended and necessary that the time be made up either here are school or outside of school.  Students have access to this site on any computer in the building and the website is available for download at home.   The website is: http//:onlinecarnegielearning.org
    The school id is greene county cc-45385

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