• Career Assessment

    The mission of the Greene County Career Center’s Career Assessment Program is to provide information to students to assist them with realistic planning through the analysis of their unique abilities, aptitudes, interests and needs for future training, education and employment opportunities.                                                    

    What We Can Offer Students:

            Career Assessment is an individualized process designed to determine the unique abilities,
    aptitudes, interests and needs of the student.  Students who have had a quality career assessment
    during high school are more likely to graduate and experience postsecondary success.  The Career Assessment program provides objective information that can assist students with realistic planning
    for their future.   

    •       Career Assessment is an ongoing process of collecting data on the student’s needs, preferences, and         interests as they relate to the demands of current and future working, education and personal and social environments.
    •         Assessment data serves as the common thread in the transition process and where applicable, forms the basis for defining goals and services.  The career assessment process provides information for academic 
      areas, perceptual and manipulative adeptness and career-technical aptitudes. 
    •       Under the guidance of a qualified Career Assessment Specialist, participants have an opportunity to identify
            their individual learning styles and interest areas and align these with potential opportunities for education, 
            training, and employment.  Behavioral observations, social skills and work characteristics are also an   
      element throughout the process and are incorporated into the report.  Career Assessment Specialists
            are licensed and certified by the Ohio Department of Education with a Transition-To-Work endorsement.
         Kathy Trangenstein, Career Assessment Specialist
         937.372.6941 Ext. 121
         Greene County Career Center - Room 121
         2960 West Enon Rd.
         Xenia, OH 45385



Last Modified on August 18, 2008