• Bullying Report

    Report to GCCC Board of EducationRegarding Reports of Bullying, Harassment, or Intimidation

    2013-2014 School Year


    In accordance with Ohio RevisedCode Section 3313.666 (B)(10), this report to the Greene County Career CenterBoard of Education summarizes the reports of bullying, harassment, orintimidation received by administration during the 2013-14 school year, as wellas summarizes the outcome of each incident.


    Incident Report

    Outcome Summary





    Sent harassing texts to another student.

    Warned that further incidents would result in out-of-school suspension.



    Made inappropriate hand gestures when getting off the bus on two separate occasions.

    Conference with father and student.  Warned that further incidents would result in out-of-school-suspension.



    Picked up another student’s chair, dumping the student

    on the floor, hurting him.


    Three days out-of-school suspension.


    Harassment of a student in the cafeteria.

    Two days in-school-suspension.

     This report was prepared andsubmitted on 1/14/14 by Mike Sparks and Dottie Meade Greene County Career Center.