Career X

  • Career X is a new program at Greene County Career Center where students with special career requirements explore various pathways and learn “soft skills” that will enhance their employability. As a student, you will visit a variety of career areas to help assess your skills, career goals, and capabilities. Learning how to interact with others, accept responsibility, complete assignments and display proper workplace behavior will be part of each day’s lesson in Career X. Skill areas are divided into self-paced learning modules. The goal of Career X is to give you the skills and confidence to enter a career-technical program at Greene County Career Center, enroll as a deferred-diploma student in Project Search at one of the area hospitals, gain employment through an adult agency, or earn a referral to an adult agency.

    Career Opportunities
    Through proper assessment, skill attainment and placement, students may find employment in the following career areas:
    Retail and Consumer Service
    Business and Office Management
    Manufacturing Production and Processing
    Construction and Industrial Labor
    Computer and Technology Service and Maintenance

    Certifications and Credentials
    Depending on the student’s skill level and pathway, some career-based certifications and credentials may be available. These certifications and credentials usually require testing prior to being awarded. Career X has an application process different from the rest of Greene County Career Center’s career-technical programs. See your guidance counselor for more information.