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Veterinary Science

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    Program Profile
    The Agricultural Research Center, home of Veterinary Science, offers a unique educational environment. You will handle and provide care for a variety of animals on a daily basis including dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, horses and cattle. Basic, hands-on experiences give students comfort and confidence around all animals. After establishing a set of basic skills, you will be exposed to all aspects of veterinary care. This includes anatomy, nutrition, behavior, medical terminology, parasitology, principles of disease and introduction to surgery. The facility’s small animal care hospital features the same equipment found in professional veterinary operations. During laboratory time, you will develop and practice patient care. Restraining an animal, performing a physical exam, drawing a blood sample, reading fecals, administering injections and cleaning surgical instruments are just a few of the skills that are addressed in this program. You will become part of a hospital team that works together every day. Employability skills like attendance, communication, reliability and professionalism are stressed every day as well. Veterinary Science will develop a well-rounded graduate ready to enter the workforce or purse career goals in a post-secondary setting including veterinary technical schools or colleges of veterinary science. College credit is available through an agreement with Sinclair Community College.

    Career Opportunities
    Veterinary Assistant
    Registered Veterinary Technician
    Career-Technical Student
    Organization affiliation – National
    FFA Organization
    Certifications and
    OSHA Safety

    Did You Know?
    The Veterinary Science program offers a college-prep curriculum and is housed at the state recognized Agricultural Research Center. Senior students manage a veterinary clinic that features hands-on experiences with small animals who are brought in for examinations and diagnosis.

    College Connections
    Sinclair Community College and Clark State Community College Tech Prep Scholarship ($3,000)
    College credits may also be earned through Allied Health Math, Introduction to Animal Sciences, Medical Terminology and OSHA Safety.

    Contact Dr. Kelly Rickabaugh, Veterinary Science instructor, at