Student Services

It is our goal at the Adult & Community Education to support and encourage students as they seek to enter the job market, enhance career skills or learn skills needed for a career change.  Student Services is here to assist students as they successfully achieve their goals.
For more information or to schedule an appointment contact:
Jim DeLange, Student Services Coordinator
1.937.372.6941  Ext. 195
Teacher Student


We offer several career tests and career assessments. Whether you are enrolling in a full-time program or want to know a little more about yourself, we can provide valuable information to you with an interest survey test.  Students enrolling in a full-time program (600 hours or more) will take an assessment test that measurethe student's academic skills as they relate to a program or a career.  Test results will be reviewed and interpreted by the Student Services Coordinator/Counselor with each student.


Career Guidance & Planning

A certified counselor is on staff to assist you individually with career counseling or personal development.  If you are underemployed, unemployed, or looking for job fulfillment you can make an appointment with our counselor.  We can provide you with information and confidence to make a career decision that suits your needs.  Greene County Career Center's  Gainful Employment Statistics.

Last Modified on October 23, 2012