Customized Business and Industry Training

Whether your focus is on reducing downtime or improving productivity, you want to make sure that employee training initiatives pays off. Studies have shown that companies that invest more heavily in training and development are more successful and profitable. There is a strong link between effective employee training and a company's bottom-line.
(How to Make Employee Training a Winning Investment-
Customized Business Training Solutions
Greene  County Career Center Adult Workforce Education Division can provide businesses with online customized business training solutions.  Businesses can either choose Instructor-Led Courses or Self-Paced Tutorials for their staff.  The Instructor-Led Courses provide an instructor-paced environment where your employees can receive training and education on a variety of topics.  New sessions start monthly with two lessons released each week.  The Self-Paced Tutorials are open-enrollment courses covering a wide range of topics and industries from the leading vendors in online training.  Self-Paced Tutorials are great for quickly building industry-specific skills or earning continuing education credits.  Courses range in hours and price point but many are inexpensive and can even be completed during a lunch hour.  Participating businesses don't have to hassle with purchasing, integrating, administering, or supporting the technology.  They can reap the rewards of this unique online training tool without any behind-the-scenes headaches.                            
Business Online Training Solutions: Ed2Go
For Law Enforcement Training - Contact: Commander Mike Hild
For Health and Child Care Training - Contact: Faith Sorice
For Business and Computer Training - Contact: Joy Bond-Trick
For Public Service Training - Contact: Harvey Poff
For Human Resouces Testing Services - Contact: Jim DeLange
For Customized Industrial Training - Contact: Harvey Poff
Adult Workforce Education Main Office Telephone Number:  (937) 372-2200